What's Missing from the Southwest Waterfront?

Via Bisnow

It's arguably difficult to find an area of need when you're examining a massive, new mixed-use development.

Lexi Albe, special projects manager at the fledgling Southwest Business Improvement District, had the unenviable task of helping us find a lacking area along the revitalized Southwestern Waterfront. It turns out, there is an issue that faces the refurbished neighborhood, but it's a good problem to have.

It means progress has been made. Lexi told Bisnow the area is set to acquire anything that it could possibly need over the coming years as the residential and commercial components begin to come online. However, there still needs to be an increase in awareness of what the waterfront offers.

“Most of what people generally want to see in the neighborhood is definitely going to be offered [at The Wharf]," Lexi said. "One of the biggest things is awareness. There’s a lot happening and I don’t think people understand yet the scope of what’s going on down here."

Lexi said the National Mall is only a 10-minute walk from the heart of the waterfront, but much of the foot traffic that will drive commerce and perhaps interest in future residency is unaware just how close they are to this newly reinvigorated neighborhood. Lexi says that signage pointing out the proximity to the waterfront needs to be prominently displayed throughout the core of the metro area.

"The BID is working on getting folks from the Mall down to the waterfront," she says, pointing out that walking won't be the only option for those who'd like to visit.

While the exact answer is unclear, Lexi said the BID is interested in establishing a new method of transportation between the Mall and the Southwest Waterfront in the future.