SWBID Names Chief Operations Officer

For immediate release: May 1, 2017                  

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Candace Tyler

 Rapidly growing BID Reorganizes Senior Management


 Washington, D.C. -  The Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) has promoted Andre Witt to the position of Chief Operating Officer. Witt, a two-year employee of the SWBID, assumes broad responsibilities for the cleaning and beautification of the SWBID’s 486 acres.
“He is the “go-to guy” for this section of the city,” says Steve Moore Executive Director of the new SWBID.  “Andre and his team have established themselves at the SWBID over the last year and it is time to recognize his success and expand his responsibility.”  

Witt, an Army Veteran, joined the SWBID in 2015 as the Operations Manager and rapidly began the remaking of the BID clean and safe services. He oversaw the construction of the new BID offices, and installed the BID’s interactive communications and presentation capabilities.
Witt has taken the unusual step of developing an in-house training program called the SWBID Academy designed to broaden the interests and knowledge of his team. The weekly BID Academy exposes Witt’s “Ambassadors” to city agency heads, community leaders, and experts in the field of place management.  

“We learn all about the city and how it operates,” says Witt’s Deputy, Peron Williams, “we meet with those in charge of city departments and learn from them about what they do and how it all fits together.”

“Andre handpicked and trained his team of Ambassadors, continues Moore, and “he has supplied his team with the tools and support they need to be successful.”
“Andre’s vision is of an elite team with a “can-do” attitude who are capable of tackling all kinds of projects,” says Geoffrey Griffis, a founding Board member and Chairman of the SWBID, “We can all see the difference he has made.”