Hello, Neighbor!

The Southwest neighborhood is filled with amazing people! Some have lived here for decades, some moved here more recently. Everyone speaks to what they love about the area. These video portraits capture a taste of the spirit of Southwest. Peruse the community through the eyes of your neighbors on our our YouTube channel.

Meet your neighbors!

Say hello to neighbor Andy Litsky who's a 41-year resident of Southwest and an ANC commissioner! He loves the Waterfront Park that was designed by residents of the community who love the water and green spaces that characterize SW's welcoming neighborhood.

Say hello to neighbor Mattie Sharpless! As an ambassador, she's lived around the world. But she always comes back to Southwest!

Say hello to neighbor Coy McKinney who brings a little bit of the South to Southwest at the SW Community Garden

Say hello to neighbor Katelynd Anderson who is the editor of the The Southwester. She shares her favorite memory from the first day she moved to the neighborhood.

Say hello to neighbor Jason Kopp! He's found a really tight community in the floating neighborhood of Gangplank Marina, which he discovered while enjoying Docktoberfest one year. He’s lived there since 2007.

Say hello to neighbor Donna Purchase who's seen a lot of changes in the neighborhood and says she's here to stay! Donna is involved with Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) and The Southwester.

Say hello to neighbor L.J. Samuel who loves the Southwest Ambassadors Team and their fearless and supportive leader Andre! L.J. is the Executive Director of Cupid’s Sting, a non-profit interpersonal violence reduction program that teaches women the tools needed to reduce victimization.

Say hello to neighbor Corinne Irwin, who has lived in Southwest for four years. Corinne is one of the founders of the Titanic Memorial Park.

Say hello to neighbor Nick Burger. He is our neighbor from nearby Capitol Hill who enjoys the Southwest Duck Pond with his kids on the weekends.

Say hello to neighbor Alcione Amos, who discovered the Southwest neighborhood 40 years ago when she and her husband got lost. She's loved living here ever since! The Southwest neighborhood is filled with amazing people. Some have lived here for decades, some moved here more recently.

Say hello to neighbor Gail Fast. Not long after ANC Commissioner Gail Fast first moved to SW in the 1980’s, she impressed her parents visiting from New York City with theater tickets. Arena Stage has been producing impressive theater in SW since 1960.

Say hello to neighbor Princess Jones, a 23 year resident of SW. One of her favorite spots in the neighborhood is the tree-lined path behind Tiber Island.

Say hello to neighbor Joseph Natividad, who’s only lived in the neighborhood for two years but loves the sense of community and the proximity to the rest of the city.

Just like we preserve monuments and buildings, we need to preserve people’s stories.  Inspired by watching her mother preserve fruits to make jellies, artist Holly Bass preserves the stories told by residents of Southwest in a store collection project called “Cultural Preserves." Schedule a time to stop by the SWBID office and “preserve” your story! Email: bferraro@swbid.org