Residents of Southwest tell their own stories of life in their neighborhood in this series of video portraits.

The Southwest neighborhood is filled with amazing people! Some have lived here for decades, some moved here more recently. Everyone loves how it feels like a small town within a big city where people say hello to each other and stop to ask how you’re doing. These video portraits capture a little of the spirit of Southwest. Come on over and take a walk around our community! 

Say hello to Gail Fast. Not long after ANC Commissioner Gail Fast first moved to SW in the 1980’s, she impressed her parents visiting from New York City with theater tickets. Arena Stage has been producing impressive theater in SW since 1960.

Say hello to Princess Jones, a 23 year resident of SW. One of her favorite spots in the neighborhood is the tree-lined path behind Tiber Island.

Say hello to Southwest neighbor Joseph Natividad, who’s only lived in the neighborhood for two years but loves the sense of community and the proximity to the rest of the city.

Just like we preserve monuments and buildings, we need to preserve people’s stories.  Inspired by watching her mother preserve fruits to make jellies, artist Holly Bass preserves the stories told by residents of Southwest in a store collection project called “Cultural Preserves." Schedule a time to stop by the SWBID office and “preserve” your story! Email: