Our team of 25 Ambassador staff serve as street concierges and stewards of the public realm for a clean, safe and beautiful neighborhood.

The team works to clean and maintain the sidewalks, streets, underpasses, street trees, planters and all surfaces in the public realm of the SWBID’s 500 acres. This work includes bike rack installation, power-washing, streetlight painting, tree trimming, snow removal, trash removal, and masonry repair. In addition to maintaining spaces in the public realm, the team’s presence is felt across the neighborhood, helping to direct a lost tourist, chat with a neighbor, or assist the homeless in obtaining proper identification and getting connected to housing.

Their role has expanded to include supplementary service contracts with The Wharf and GSA to work on both maintaining additional space, especially during large events, and landscaping, respectively. 


Landscaping Projects

Dean Wilhem Memorial Park Landscaping

Dean Wilhem Memorial Park Landscaping

Dean Wilhem Memorial Park: At the corner of 6th and D St SW, this park serves as our team’s landscaping “lab”; simultaneously giving the team a place to experiment with new planting designs while also bringing this little traffic triangle to life.

7th St SW: 7th St SW between Independence and Maryland Aves SW is a gateway into the neighborhood. The strip of land adjacent to the sidewalk was in need of landscaping upgrades. Our team worked with Patuxent Nursery to develop a landscaping plan and managed the installation of trees and several perennial species along this main corridor, creating a more beautiful entryway for visitors, residents and workers.