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 Five finalist from SWBID and SWNA's first pocket change event in february 2018.

Five finalist from SWBID and SWNA's first pocket change event in february 2018.

Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) and the Southwest Neighborhood Assembly (SWNA) are again partnering on Pocket Change, a community micro-grant program for Southwest DC.

Pocket Change invites Southwest DC community members to submit their ideas for community improvement projects on the SWBID's website. It's simple: the projects must benefit SWDC, be inclusive, be apolitical, and be something that can realistically be implemented within three to six months for $1,000. The deadline for submissions is midnight, September 28, 2018. 

The sky's the limit! But to help get your creativity flowing, here are a few examples: holding a monthly community birthday party, curating a public art installation, starting a tool library, launching a neighborhood-wide book group, piloting mobile composting collection, launching a Stories of SW video series, hosting a community garage sale, creating the ultimate ‘Welcome to SW’ package for new residents, starting a mentorship program, hosting a community baseball tournament, and the list goes on, and on, and on, and on, and on…

In October, finalists will have five minutes to pitch their ideas to the community during the Pocket Change event. We ask attendees to support these ideas by contributing a suggested donation of $5 to attend, vote, and share food together. Event attendees should expect to hear and vote on pitches that may bring new art, technology, educational opportunities, events, or other creative projects to their neighborhood.

Apply now! Click here for the application. 

Deadline: September 28, 2018


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